About Us

Greetings and Welcome to Westside Martial Arts, a member of the Westside Center for Community and Self Development Inc., a non-profit organization  founded by TJ Cooper and Tom Wheeler.

Our school is dedicated to teaching what the Japanese call Budo and the Chinese call Wu Te.

Translated these mean The Martial Way and Martial Virtue respectively. These are ways of living one’s life with patience, perseverance, focus, honesty and respect.

To teach these concepts we train in the arts of:

  • Shotokan Karate (Wed and Fri-5:45pm Youth, 7:00pm Adult)
  • Tai Chi for Health and Self Defense (Tue-6:30pm, Sat-11:00am)
  • Eishinryu Iaido (Sat-12:30pm)
  • Yoshinkan Aikido (Sat-9:00am)

Classes are ongoing.  We have found that the fastest approach to the path is to experience it. Please feel free to visit any class listed at the times above.